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After many years of life experience, and having numerous close family and friends who have all been involved in the forces and national work, I have gained a lot of knowledge through my own learning and research, as well as from my friends research. Throughout these years of experience, my friends and I have tried and tested many experts methods on locating friends, family or anyone else through investigators.

Both friends and I have wasted a lot of time and money with some courses, therefore I have decided to put together my list of top 3 recommendations or worthy purchases on the internet, each provide a great wealth of information and all from very knowledgeable companies with years of experience.

I hope you find a Private Investigator that works for you, and I am sure you will within one of my top 3 choices below. If you have any questions you can contact a representative of each site and they will be happy to assist your needs.

Yours Sincerely,

Paul Callis - World Medallist Swimmer
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Web Investigator


Web Investigator

They have a web presence since 1999, and have update information and resources all the time. They have been on TV and are a well recognized business in this sector. A low priced one off payment allows full access to their complete database of resources. One of the few private investigations websites that have been on TV and are fairly well recognized. If I weren't going to be going with Web Detective, then i'd definitely be going with Web Investigator.

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When getting traffic via the paid route, it's always worth noting that what you are paying for is time above all else. You are getting your traffic without having to spend a lot of time going about it in the traditional way which was really slow. This then allows your website to grow a lot more easily.

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Web Detective

Web Detective

Great site that gives you access to everything that private investigators have access to. Fantastic service, a very understandable program, and lots of information, with the bonus of four additional gifts after purchase.
It is always thrilling to watch detective movies and TV shows since detectives are the people who can track criminals, solve cases and save lives. When the culprit would leave evidence behind his horrible act, they are the ones who would follow their trail and discover their motives, connecting the dots they would bust out that criminal from his hiding and expose his wrong doings for the public to see. There are also many detective games which are very fun to play and they also give you something to really think about with their puzzles.
When you are suspicious of a person, it is not a bad idea to hire a public investigator since they can acquire the background of that particular person without them knowing. It would give you a thorough description of who he or she really is and if they pose a threat to you, our family or your friends. It is also convenient since they won’t have a clue that you are suspicious of them in some way and if somehow if your suspicions proved you wrong, hiring a private investigator would prevent you ruining your relationship with that person.
But if you can’t afford to hire a private investigator, you can just make a post on your blog and let other people give you advice on how to handle that person. So search what is the best webhosting for you to blog?

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Bonus #1 - Protecting Your Good Name: a special report to help you avoid identity theft. ($29 value)

Bonus #2 - Protect Yourself From Phasing: Spoofing and Outright Fraud: a special report to keep you safe from internet thieves. ($29 value)

Bonus #3 - PC Health Check: this application will tell you how many errors are lurking on your computer right now and how to fix them before they cause you trouble! ($27 value)

Bonus #4 -The Learning Curve: Get a free subscription to this great online newsletter that will help you get better use of your computer. ($49 value)

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Instant Detective

Instant Detective

The site is full of excellent content, although the program is not as easy as the others to use. You have access to your own FBI file, and get to find out everything about yourself that you did not even know. The bonus of this package is the amount of free gifts they provide you with.

Bonus Gifts:

Bonus #1 - Key logger Software - this is awesome software that lets you check secretly what someone is typing of their computer (either yours or another persons).

Bonus #2 - "Check Him Out" Electronic Book - for the ladies who want to find out what he is up to.. catch him doing the things he doesn't want to be caught doing.

Bonus #3 - Criminal Check Software - this is a how to program to let you do it from home.

Bonus #4 -Internet Spy Software - check to see who's looking at what website on your computer. You'll be surprised at what some people look at..

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